A young family in southern Maine is filled with hope for a bright future and financial security. But it needs a little help in the meantime.

The father wrote a note to the Press Herald Toy Fund seeking help for the holidays.

“We are a two-parent household with two children,” he wrote. “We are both working toward career goals and operating on one income that has fluctuated, being an electrical helper working towards becoming licensed.”

“(My wife) has been raising the kids at home and doing online classes to help with our family’s financial future.

“We are hoping for some help this year as we are trying to stabilize our income and stay current on our bills during the pandemic. Every little bit helps.

“Thank you.”

THE PRESS HERALD TOY FUND in the Spirit of Bruce Roberts uses donations from readers to provide toys to thousands of Maine children who might otherwise not receive holiday gifts because of hardships faced by their parents. Now in its 71st year, the fund is accepting applications for toys from needy families in York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Androscoggin, Lincoln and Knox counties.

• DONATIONS to help buy the toys can be made at pressheraldtoyfund.org or by writing checks to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund and mailing them to the fund at P.O. Box 7310, Portland, ME 04112.

• FOR MORE INFORMATION, call 791-6672 or go to: pressheraldtoyfund.org.


Toys are Love Too – Liam Budka  $100
Ian Bouchard $100
Merry Christmas! Bill & Marlene Wagner $50
Anonymous $100
KC and Susanne MacArthur $100
Anonymous $100
Tim Reardon & Mimi Gough  $50
God bless everyone! Steve E. $50
In honor and memory of the Wilder family, from Jess $25
From Russ, Elly & Andy. Merry Christmas! $300
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $30
In loving memory of Grampy Fred and Abuela Jeannie, from the Matos family  $24
In loving memory of my cousins, Michael Berry, Peter Scala, Mark Cyr, David Hill & Glen (Robbie) Berry $100
Jim & Karen Eaton $100
Play on. The Elliotts $250
Wishing all a very merry and blessed holiday season! The Lowe family $200
Anonymous $300
Anonymous $200
Happy and healthy holidays to all. The Berke/Belfantz family $50
Merry Christmas – thank you to all the essential workers. From Donna Morton $100
Happy holidays, kids! From Susan Reed & Sage $100
In memory of Grandma Clark and her love of Christmas $100
Miss and love you all dearly. O’Brions, Petersons, Foggs, Carters, Heaks and Chases $400
Anonymous $500
Merry Christmas! Dan Foster & Glen Goodwin $100
Anonymous $1,000
In memory of Cory & Ned Mulholland, and Jeannette & Jack Lohnes. From Susan & Barry Lohnes $30
In memory of my sweet husband, Hernon  $100
Merry Christmas! Jeff Davis $30
The Townsend family $50
In recognition of our many blessings $50
Have a Merry Christmas “tiny tots”! From Sharon Allen $100
Mike & Marilyn Powers $25
Thank you to all who work so hard to make children smile  $100
In gratitude for all we have $100
John & Deb Nelson $100
Lindsay & Dan Richman $50
Anonymous $30
In memory of Gretchen, who loved children and squirrels. From Dick $100
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $30
Erica Bartlett $30
In memory of Marie, from Lynn Breckinridge  $100
Merry Christmas from Lakin and Olivia $100
Anonymous $50
A smile goes a long way, Merry Christmas! $50
A gift from our grandchildren, Lillian, Wallace and Clark $50
Wesley Lovejoy $300
For Ma $100
Merry Christmas! From Chris Rhoades $500
Mollie Heron $200
In memory of Angel Marie, from Linda Lamarre Cyr $30
Viola & Marie Page $50
Anonymous $30
In memory of Dad, who was a big Toy Fund supporter, from Deb Silberstein $50
Anonymous $65
John & Kim Manoush $50
Jill $20
In honor of Mr. Maguire – Biddeford High School teacher $25
Happy holidays! The Bopp family $100
For those less fortunate $30
In honor of our wonderful kids & grandkids & great grandkids. From Michael & Marcella Riisager $50
Sending you the warmest love and blessings for Christmas $50
Charlie & Karen Hitt $50
Happy Holidays to all the children! $50
Charitable fantasy football winnings from Andy Schachter $69
Beth Fogler and Jeff Rae $100
Anonymous $50
Happy Holidays to all the children from Gin and Dick from Owls Head! $200
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $100
Merry Christmas! Love, Santa $50
May each child be blessed with happiness, joy, awe and wonderment this season. From Kent and Sandy $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $30
Merry Christmas from Lucien and Sadie $50
Anonymous $50
Mike & Connie Beck $200
Anonymous $40
Anonymous $200
Merry Christmas! $50
Anonymous $250

Year to date total: $181,371.25

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