Forgoing company on Thanksgiving this year didn’t mean going without leftovers. Photo courtesy of Jody Rich

Al Roker had just signed off from the Macy’s Day Parade. Ro and I stood for a stretch.

“Is that a car in our driveway?”

“Oh! It’s Deb!”

We were expecting some potatoes. We had delivered portions of the annually requested shrimp and grits, and creamed onions, the day before to her, to Niece Elise, and Niece Elizabeth with her four sons. We wanted to be “with” them on Thanksgiving, if only through the loving food.

Deb brought sweet and garlic mashed potatoes; pumpkin and toasted coconut cream pie slices; individualized cranberry-blueberry cake and roasted beets! She’d been up since 5 and just got into the mood. Lucky us.

Ro and I ate Round 1; bits of everything.


A few hours later, Elizabeth with grand-nephew Jaden came by and dropped off turkey, stuffing and regular and gluten-free mac & cheese. I mean, really.

They delivered stuffed delicata and butternut squashes from Elise, too! Oh! Was that mashed turnip in there? Mmmm.

The buffet was coming to our door. Quick drop-offs with air-hugs and thanks.

Ro and I ate Round 2. Bits of more things.

What started out as my need to be “with” these people who buoy up my life just by their participation in it, came back multi-fold. No plan. No idea. Just deliciously surprised at the bounty and efforts.

We were settling in for a Hallmark movie, wine and pie when there was a knock at the door.


Three-year-old Rafe and his mom, Lauren, from next door, were here with gluten-free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies they had made and to borrow some butter. What a terrific neighborhood we live in. We can still borrow butter from one another.

Ro and I added the cookies to our snacks during the movie.

Our stomachs are full of love and deliciousness. Our refrigerator is full to overflowing with love.

We were together at our separate tables sharing our common food, fun and caring.

Now, that’s something to be thankful for.

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