The Portland Food Co-op will be closed Monday and Tuesday. File photo

The Portland Food Co-op closed for Monday and Tuesday because a staff member had contracted COVID-19. It was also closed on Sunday. There is no curbside pickup at the store during this interval.

John Crane, general manager of the store, which is located at 290 Congress Street, sent out an email to members Sunday evening stating that all staff members will be tested and the store will be sanitized before re-opening. Crane wrote that since the start of the pandemic, the co-op has maintained strict safety protocols “because we passionately believe in prioritizing the safety of our staff and you, our community members, over anything else. I believe that this is how we have gotten this far into the pandemic without an issue.”

“I will handle this situation with the same commitment to safety,” Crane said. “When we re-open, it will be with a staff who have all tested negative and we will continue with the same protocols that have gotten us safely to this point.”

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