GORHAM — The town is putting a 7-acre lot in its new business campus up for sale to help pay for the project’s infrastructure needs.

The Town Council Tuesday voted 6-0 with Virginia Wilder Cross absent to authorize Town Manager Ephrem Paraschak to market the lot off Libby Avenue. The board did not attach a price tag to the order.

“The revenue from the sale of the lot will be used for building the infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.) in the new business park,” Town Council Chairman Lee Pratt said Wednesday in an email to the American Journal.

Voters in November 2019 gave approval for the town to borrow $4 million to buy 93 acres off Main Street and 48 acres off Libby Avenue to expand available industrial land. The 141-acre acquisition was aimed at broadening the tax base to ease the future burden on homeowners in the fast growing community.

Voters also approved borrowing up to $1.9 million to pay for surveying, designing, permitting approval and infrastructure.

The new business park is in the design phase, Paraschak said Tuesday, and will be divided into 17 lots.

“One lot is allowed to be split and sold before the entire project moves into the permitting phase,” he wrote in his council agenda notes.

The 7-acre lot will be accessed by Libby Avenue.

“The benefits to a potential buyer is water and sewer are off of Libby Avenue already,” Pratt said.

Pratt, also chairperson of the Industrial Park Steering Committee, said the sale of the lot would have no impact on the rest of the property.

The new park has not been named yet.

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