FALMOUTH — The Planning Board tabled site plan approval for a project in Falmouth Shopping Center to get more information through a third-party review.

A peer review was requested for the lighting, landscaping and architecture of the Route 1 project, which would include Chase Bank and a restaurant on the ground floor and office space in the remainder of the four-story building.

“I suspect a peer review would have maybe some minor tweaks at best, or if it does come back and say this is way off base then it’s going to be a pretty scathing and egregious review that we’d be glad we caught,” board member David Sinnett said at the meeting. “I think in all likelihood it’s a verification.”

Karen Farber, who served on Falmouth Town Council from 2012-2018 when the zoning ordinance for the area was written, spoke in support of a peer review.

“I really see this structure in particular … laying the foundation and setting the bar for future development throughout that zone,” Farber said. “As such, I think it makes it even more crucial that we get this as right as possible. How this building fits within the current and future Falmouth as envisioned by the zoning ordinance is, I think, going to be really important in creating a sense of place within that Route 1 area for years to come.”

There is no set timeline for the peer review to be completed.