A campaign of hate mail directed at Portland residents who fly banners or display signs supporting progressive causes expanded this week, with four more residents reportedly receiving mailed threats, police said Tuesday.

The hate messages were first reported to police Jan. 5, and included a crudely scrawled death threat against gay people, along with a Pride flag with the logo of the Satanic Temple superimposed on it. The letters were sent to people who flew rainbow Pride flags or displayed Black Lives matter signs outside their homes. Last week, an identical letter was received by a South Portland resident who also flew a Pride flag.

This week, four more people reported receiving identical threatening letters, bringing the total number reported to police to eight.

Also, two other residents came forward to report that in October, they received anonymous invitations to attend a meeting at another resident’s home on Capisic Street to discuss progressive ideas that police believe were sent by the same person who mailed the threats.

Police said the family that lives at the address of the supposed meeting did not call for such a gathering, and family members have no idea who would have directed others to their home. Investigators believe the invitations were sent by the same person who is sending the hateful messages.

Police said the October mailings were sent to addresses on Pinecrest Road and Brentwood Street.

The more recent letters were received by residents of Fessenden Street, Whitney Avenue, Dartmouth Street, Dorothy Street, Capisic Street, and two homes on Brighton Avenue.

Last week, city councilors from Portland and South Portland condemned the hate crimes and Portland’s City Council suggested that residents fly pride flags in a display of solidarity.

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