What happened Jan. 6 was the result of weeks of lies, encouragement and exhortation by President Trump, his family and supporters like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Five people died. Worse than the deaths, however, was the attack on democracy. The executive encouraged a mob to attack the legislative branch for the purpose of interfering with the results of an election.

It goes without saying that individual members of the mob should be prosecuted. More importantly, the president needs to be held accountable, now and for history. This is, without doubt, an impeachable offense.

The Democrats are moving to impeachment, and it is incumbent on Republicans to join them in impeachment and repudiate this attack on the legislative branch, this attack on democracy. We must draw a united, bipartisan line for future generations that the executive can never incite or cause an attack on the legislature. The very future of democracy demands nothing less.

Mary Ann Lynch
Cape Elizabeth

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