In the 1930s in Germany, so-called “good” people remained silent as their neighbors were beaten, arrested and taken away: Jews, of course, but also the disabled, gays and anyone who did not fit the Nazi vision. This did not happen all at once, but began with incidents of violence that the perpetrators blamed on the victims. And yet the good people remained silent. Perhaps some even quietly applauded. Others were simply scared they would be next. But silence is complicity.

Where, then, is Sen. Susan Collins? Her continued silence speaks volumes and if, by the time this is printed, she has spoken out, I apologize, but there can be no excuse for silence in the face of the assault on democracy fomented by the deranged narcissist occupying the White House.

Silence has enabled him and his ilk; it is intolerable. Those of conscience must speak out and those in power must act. We have seen too often the results of complacency and silence.

Donald J. Rudalevige
Cape Elizabeth

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