As the son of a World War II veteran, and grandson of a World War I veteran, it is beyond my comprehension that all the sacrifices of time, lives and bodies made by veterans to secure and preserve our republic, Constitution and freedom could be discarded by a despot president, enabled by his radical followers and sycophantic political leaders who have infested a once-great party.

And for what purpose? To save the country? Apparently, to appease an insatiable egomaniac with a lust for power, one must destroy a country to save it. Such nonsense! If you heard thunder recently, it was likely due to the millions of veterans, now perished, collectively rolling over in their graves from the anguish of this betrayal and soiling of their patriotism.

So, by what motivation do we expect those who would now serve in our military to protect our country from foreign threats when members of our government refuse to protect us from those domestic?

Cliff Colville

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