The letter to the editor from Helen Shaw on Jan. 5, regarding the importance of preserving the Electoral College, missed the most crucial point in the whole debate: Elections are not about giving equal prominence to small states. It’s not about whether candidates visit only swing cities.

The issue hinges on giving all American voters the same equal power to their individual votes. The Electoral College denies this. The two Republican presidents in this century both lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College, gaining the presidency. One gave us an unjust, unnecessary war in the Middle East, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. And the last one gave us four years of hell, violated all the norms of the presidency, broke countless state and federal laws, severed vital international relations, an out-of-control pandemic that has killed over 350,000 American citizens, and a totaled botched vaccine roll-out.

I can live with presidential candidates not paying a visit to Maine. I, however, never want to have a candidate rise to the presidency that has not won a majority decree by ballots cast by all of the American voters. Not the votes from a select few hundred individuals. The principle is: One Person, One Vote.

Frank O Smith
South Portland

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