I’m 85 and my husband is 87. Belonging to the Silent Generation, preceding the boomers, we’re fortunate to still be living independently and residing in Maine.

I read in the Jan. 6 Portland Press Herald that access to vaccination may include an online tool. I wonder if Maine elders our age, and not in nursing homes, have been surveyed about our access to a computer and our level of computer literacy.

If my husband were to be widowed tomorrow, he wouldn’t be able to register online to be vaccinated. I wouldn’t be alive to do it for him. My dear husband has mastered various aspects of the TV controller, as I have not, but he has had no desire to learn to use our computer.

As someone who did a PhD at 74, and wound up teaching age and aging studies for continuing ed credit to professionals serving elders in Maryland, I want to call attention to this issue affecting my age cohort. More importantly, how many Mainers of any age will be able to use an online tool? Will the more fortunate be privileged over those less so? I raise these issues as our governor and our CDC consider various options for distributing COVID 19 vaccine. Yes, speed is crucial but we “old folks” don’t want to be lost in the shuffle!

Judith C. Tydings
South Thomaston

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