I find it perplexing to see some, like Walter J. Eno (“Letter to the editor: Addressing fraud at the polls is not voter suppression,” Jan. 12), are still caught in the obsession with widespread voter fraud. I don’t use the term lightly, but how else can the fanatical need to find something that no one has ever proven actually exists be defined other than “obsession”?

For a definitive answer to the voter fraud question, please look no further than Donald J. Trump and his Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity, established by executive order in May 2017.

Chaired by no less than then-Vice President Mike Pence, this commission was given investigative authority in all 50 states, with the full weight and authority of the federal government behind it. They investigated the states controlled by Democrats and those states controlled by Republicans. Blue states and red.

What did this commission, with all its power and influence, find? Nothing. Literally nothing worth reporting. To the extent that the commission, to spare itself embarrassment, didn’t actually release a formal report. After much fanfare and wasting of taxpayer dollars, the commission was quietly euthanized by President Trump on a slow-news-day-Wednesday in January 2018. A snipe hunt returned with empty game bags. Who could have guessed?

Now that Donald Trump is gone I hope those inexplicably still suffering from the persistent and apparently incurable voter fraud obsession will put their energies into something of consequence. Perhaps finding and capturing Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster?

Jeremy Smith
Old Orchard Beach

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