When I was watching the reports of the mob siege of our Capitol in Washington, D.C., it brought me back to last summer when, right here in our little town of Bowdoinham, we had a much smaller but still emotional vandalism of a piece of art we had on display on Main Street.

We lovingly called him “Mr. H.” He was a full-size donkey who was helping us get out the message of our Democratic Party here in Sagadahoc County.

Last Sept. 18, Mr. H was set on fire and completely burned in the dooryard of a former Select Board member of Bowdoinham. It had taken our friend and artist Doug Chess two years to complete Mr. H.

I am writing this letter as someone who now has a public face as the chair of the Democratic Party of Bowdoinham. I do not feel safe. Will my home and property be vandalized by folks who drive their truck with Trump flags saying “(Expletive) your feelings”?

We will be organizing a rally in Sagadahoc County to share a message that we cannot stand for this kind of negative crime against a party of our neighbors. We will be reaching out to the Republicans of Sagadahoc County to join us.

Deb Smith
chair, Bowdoinham Democratic Committee

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