To be honest, I couldn’t finish Jim Fossel’s Jan. 17 column (“Impeachment will get in Biden’s way”). I was almost literally blind with rage.

Donald Trump incites an attempted fascist overthrow of our government, and Mr. Fossel thinks that we shouldn’t try to remove him? He’s never been held accountable his whole life. Congress needs to stand up and be counted, even if the attempt fails.

If we had removed him last year for trying to extort the Ukrainian president, then we wouldn’t be where we are, with the certainty of far-right morons emboldened to launch further attacks. But, no, the Republicans in the Senate, as they have for four years, made themselves pliant to his criminality. As we speak, there are more U.S. military personnel in Washington, D.C., then there are in Afghanistan and Iraq combined, but Mr. Fossel thinks it’s fine if we let Trump skate yet again.

Susan Collins said Trump learned a lesson that would temper him. News flash: That lesson he took from her critical vote to acquit was that he could do whatever he wanted with impunity. I thank the senator for her service. What a great patriot she is.

Mr. Fossel wants to repeat this folly.

This is madness. Shame on him.

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