I have started and stopped this letter several times since the election in November 2020. Each time I feel I have a theme, something happens that puts me on a different track.

The bottom line is the Republican party is a hot mess. We have lost our war, we have no discernible message and have allowed people to lead us down a destructive path. We have been winging it for the past four years with P.T. Barnum at the wheel.

Fear not my friends as I have been around long enough to witness political winds change. The progressive agenda about to be pushed onto us is not sustainable. All of the liberal plans will implode by the sheer weight of the government overreach.

Additionally, the left is embracing a cancel culture and will not be satisfied until all dissent is squashed and differing opinions are silenced, which flies in the face of their call for unity. If they are successful, who will they go after next? I was not a fan of Donald Trump but less so of the hypocrisy displayed by the left.

Just like life, politics is cyclical. The pendulum will swing back some day and we need to be ready to offer this nation a party that shows a unified path forward. A party that provides strength, independence and consistency.

The Democrats have the keys and are in charge. Words are cheap. Show us what you got.

Steven Edmondson

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