John Balentine (“Trump’s legacy,” Jan. 15) writes “… but because (Trump) lacked a respectable persona, he couldn’t win converts to his cause.” Mr. Balentine has forgotten Trump’s history – his “lack of a respectable persona” was long ago cultivated both by his father and by Roy Cohn.

In 1954, Joseph Welch said, “Until this moment, Senator (Joseph McCarthy), I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness …. Have you no sense of decency, sir?” It should be noted that Sen. McCarthy’s chief counsel was Roy Cohn, who, years later, would become Donald Trump’s legal counsel and longtime mentor.

Some 67 years later and assuming the role of Mr. Welch, I ask Mr. Balentine: Following four tragic years of the Trump presidency, “Have you no sense of decency (or shame)” regarding the reckless propaganda, outright lies, disinformation and misinformation you have written to promote and support Trump’s cruel, erratic and bizarre behavior? Have you no shame with respect to Trump’s most recent acts of sedition? Have you no sense of shame after six American citizens recently died as the direct result of Trump’s call to riot?

Here is the most direct and equally relevant question: Why did you become such a rabid Trump “enabler,” even in light of the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s abdication of his constitutional duty to defend this country against foreign as well as domestic threats? Mr. Balentine, you have, for far too long, operated in a parallel universe, filled with conspiracy theories and talk of overthrowing this republic. Now, confronted with the truth concerning Trump, you could journey over to the real universe (more truth and facts). However, you are totally unable to accept truth. Therefore, Mr. Balentine, you will always remain in your parallel universe, devoid of reality.

John M. Mishler