It is hard not to understand why there is such division in our country. We get our information from very different sources – from social media to investigative reporting. We are shaped by that to which we give our attention.

Lord Acton, the English historian, politician, and writer (1834 –1902) recommended: “When you perceive a truth, look for the balancing truth.” A friend suggested that people who get their news primarily from the New York Times should also watch Fox News – and vice versa.

When we accept, uncritically, any information we receive, especially controversial views, and refuse to check them out with other sources we can easily be led down a false and dangerous path. We now face the challenge of learning to live together in a shattered democracy. Until we work to understand conflicting hopes, dreams, and fears it will be hard to get beyond this conflict.

Until we find ways to hear and not to attack each others’ concerns it will be hard to move forward.

Until we earnestly seek common ground rather than insisting that my way is the only way it will be hard to heal our wounded nation.

Until we get to the point where we can respectfully discuss our disagreements rather than try to prove each others’ views wrong it will be hard to live together constructively, harmoniously, and tolerantly.

Perhaps when we do so, we will find that we have more in common than we realize.

Robert Moore

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