Mr. Balentine recently offered some advice for conservatives (“What’s a conservative to do?”, Jan. 29). Most of his advice was sensible advice that any political activist should consider.

However, as usual, Mr. Balentine also managed to throw in some nonsense. When I read his line about “unresolved election issues” I almost spit my coffee.

But this line, and others like it, is the key reason for his advice that seems uniquely applicable to conservatives. I am speaking here of his advice to avoid any exposure to an information source that was not part of the right-wing propaganda machine. Instead, he proposes consuming a steady stream of certified right-wing sources. Balentine obviously fears that too much exposure to reality will disrupt even the most ardent believers in the Trump party line. Avoiding exposure to reality will ensure they remain enthralled in the fantasy world where the 2020 election still has unnamed “unresolved issues.”

Mel Tremper