FALMOUTH— Repairs to Underwood Road wrapped up earlier this month, with contractors planning to add finishing touches in the spring.

The $467,000, four-week project repaired the damage caused by erosion to the storm drain outfall at the end of Underwood Road, off Foreside Road near the water. A storm drain outfall is where a storm drain pipe or channel discharges stormwater runoff to a natural water body, in this case Casco Bay.

“The project involved stabilizing the channel and mitigating erosion through the use of armoring. Armoring is the practice of using physical structures such as big rocks, known as riprap, to protect shorelines from coastal erosion,” Town Engineer Justin Early said in a press release.

Crooker Construction, from Topsham, will be back in the spring to install plantings, seed the disturbed grass and finish smaller pavement repairs at the end of the road.