I understand the frustration of waiting to be called for an appointment to receive the COVID vaccine. However, I want to offer praise regarding my experience once I had an appointment.
The parking lot at Scarborough Downs, at 7:30 a.m., was almost full. I had visions of waiting in lines that went on forever, that was not the case. And, I can say that the reason was because of the UNUM volunteers.

The precision of that corps of volunteers was remarkable. I was greeted by a UNUM member who gave me a new mask and explained what I should expect while I was there. The wave of a small green flag meant we could proceed to a medical station to receive the vaccine. After receiving the vaccine we waited the proper amount of time to be sure we had no adverse effects. The volunteers moved about asking how we were and wiped down the chair as each of us left.

It was not until I experienced this coordination of forces that I truly understood what America is undertaking. Our government and the medical establishment have committed to vaccinating every adult in the country! This cannot be accomplished without a concerted effort between medical professionals and the volunteers that give their time.

Thank you all.

Virginia Andrew
Bar Mills

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