I would like to make a comment regarding your Feb. 18 article about the South Portland High School guidance counselor, Thomas Bradford, being put on leave for his statements about the Black Student Union.

I understand the need for any group of people who feel discriminated against to have a safe place to gather. Support for that need is vitally important. I applaud the high school for supporting these students. And, though I disagree with Mr. Bradford’s statement and actions, I also can see his point. He is talking about a different issue. I believe he is talking about the school supporting equal access for everyone to any group that the school supports.

On one level, this is absolutely true. Schools are public institutions and should not support groups that discriminate. In the case of Black and brown students, we have a different situation. We have a historically discriminated against group of people who truly need a safe space to meet.

Instead of censuring Mr. Bradford, perhaps this is a great opportunity for an open, schoolwide conversation.

I bet Mr. Bradford is not alone in his reaction. He simply voiced his opinion. We would all benefit if this opinion could be openly and frankly addressed in an open forum.

Nancy Heselton
Peaks Island

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