“One of my favorites for a hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch is an uitsmijter sandwich. My family is Dutch and this is a traditional item found on the menu at many breakfast and lunch establishments in the Netherlands. Uitsmijter translates as “forcibly throw out,” which is what eating an uitsmijter does to your hunger. A standard uitsmijter is an open-faced sandwich made from two slices of buttered bread with gouda cheese, covered with slices of ham or roast beef, and topped with two or three fried eggs. It is such a substantial meal that it is usually possible to order a half uitsmijter. Of course, there are many variations with different meats or cheeses and other topping or ingredients.

“My pandemic era half uitsmijter is made with a buttered slice of homemade sourdough bread, Jarlsberg cheese, a slice of fried country ham and a broken-yolk fried egg. Yummmmm.” — TONY DEBRUYN, Yarmouth

Tell us what you’re cooking for Easter

Mainers, what are you cooking for Easter while you wait out this virus? Have you been vaccinated? Are you able to gather safely and eat your family favorites together? Or will you be making those favorites for just your small pandemic pod and hoping the next holiday on the calendar is the one?

Send us your recipe and a simple snapshot of your Easter dish by March 23. Tell us a little about the recipe and what it means to you and your family. Send recipes and photos to [email protected] for possible publication and the chance to share Easter dinner virtually until we can get back to sharing it actually.


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