Dear Reader, 

I’m thrilled to tell you that veteran journalist Amy Vigeant Canfield has been named editor-in-chief of all four editions of The Forecaster, the American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly.  

Amy Canfield is now the editor-in-chief of The Forecaster, Lakes Region Weekly and American Journal.

If you read the Portland Forecaster, American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly you may already be familiar with Canfield’s work, most recently as managing editor. As editor-in-chief, she now has direct oversight of all Forecaster editions, in addition to the LRW and AJ. 

She previously worked at daily newspapers in Florida, Vermont and Maine.

Canfield’s experience with and passion for local news make her the perfect fit for this new position. And her leadership skills in helping reporters get the best out of their stories are outstanding.

As she says in her own words: “The Forecasters, the American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly have long been committed to quality community journalism, and I look forward to continuing that commitment and enhancing our coverage to meet our readers’ needs.”  

Bringing the best community news to you will continue to be a team effort. To that end, Ann Fishermanaging editor of the Northern, Southern and Coastal Journal editions of the Forecasterwill now be assisting in the editing and production of all six weeklies, with special emphasis on the editorial pages. I will also continue in my role as executive editor. 

I’m confident that, with Canfield’s leadership, our newsrooms will be better positioned to deliver the best local news to you As always, thank you for reading. 

John Swinconeck is the executive editor of the Forecaster newspapers, American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly. 

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