As cannabis businesses gain more and more visibility in Maine, one challenge that we face as the market matures is determining the best quality of service and acting on that service consistently.

At Elevated Remedies we begin by seeing the person before the customer. A critical component to our service standard is having a welcoming atmosphere and personable nature for every interaction. Let’s get on a first name basis.

A key element that helps us stand out is the consultative approach taken with everyone that visits us. Whether they’re someone who knows exactly what they want or they’re brand new to cannabis, we start with some baseline questions that help us understand the experience of the patient. From there we can confidently make a strong recommendation for that individual. It should be a solemn responsibility for all truly medical marijuana businesses to maintain this approach. This is what sets us apart from a recreational storefront, the commitment to the therapeutic use of marijuana and the knowledge to pass it on responsibly.

Another important quality that we believe can give our business and other businesses like ours more relevance in the community is Standards. Yes, standards with a capital “S”. We get asked all the time, “what is it that makes you special?” There is something unique about every business like ours, and it is informed by the mission statement and ethos of the brand. For us it is something that we call the “Elevated Standard.”

The Elevated Standard is a set of guidelines that we abide by to confidently put the best clean cannabis into our patients’ hands, maintain collaborative vendor relationships, as well as having a benchmark for what we feel is the confluence of connoisseur quality with wallet friendly prices.

In a quickly growing market like cannabis, it can sometimes be difficult to find reliable and truthful guidance when one seeks to use medical marijuana. Furthermore, the wide variety of products and delivery methods can be daunting to navigate, especially as a new user. We at Elevated Remedies have sought to provide the most knowledgeable guidance to our patients so that they feel safe and informed in their cannabis use. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. When you visit us, you’ll see we take a very patient-centric approach to our interactions, maintain a strong belief in the therapeutic and medicinal value of cannabis, and we genuinely want to help no matter how big or small one’s ailment may be.