People often want to know what home improvement investments can create the biggest return when they put their home on the market. Kitchens and bathrooms get a lot of attention, but if you’re planning to move in the next year or two, why build something you can’t really enjoy?

If you focus on your home’s curb appeal and entryway, buyers won’t be able to wait to get inside your house. There are jobs for professionals, like replacing stairs or seal coating your driveway, but here are a few small improvements you can do yourself that I’d suggest.

Front doorway. If your door is new or recently painted, how is the doorframe looking? Re-painting or re-staining railings or supports could be a fun DIY project, at least a little more fun than cleaning overhead gutters or gables.

Landscaping. This is another sweat equity project that could be pleasant during Maine’s sunny spring days. Prune what’s there, replace what’s not thriving and fix any lawn patches. 

Entryway. Always declutter and depersonalize. When you are ready to sell, your home becomes an asset you are converting into resources that will help you move forward. Help as many buyers as possible picture themselves living there.

Call me. Selling your home is most often a moment to celebrate. You are moving on and moving up. When we represent sellers, we want them to feel at ease as they go through a big change. Right now, I think that can be a source of uplift.

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