For a segment of loyal Forecaster Coastal Journal (FCJ) readers (i.e., the concerned writers, like myself), who pen letters to the editor over and over again (week after week, month after month and year after year), pointing out the lies, misinformation and disinformation displayed in John Balentine’s opinion pieces, BUT EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS (i.e., a change in behavior by his adoption of truth and facts), Albert Einstein would define our fruitless efforts as insanity.

Despite the FCJ concerned writers’ collective insanity, we are still required to challenge Mr. Balentine’s less-than-truthful opinion pieces. Case in point: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Balentine has offered his “opinion” on public health issues. The problem: He has NO scientific/medical credentials to put forth any meaningful counsel and the FCJ concerned writers have repeatedly countered his nonsense with sound health policy advice.

Now, Mr. Balentine is offering yet more silliness (“Restore sanity, reject Mills, reopen Maine,” March 26). He opines that Gov. Mills and the Democratic Party are responsible for “ … crushing of individual freedoms …” Is wearing a mask to control the spread of COVID-19 (and its variants) so terrible? NO, it saves lives! He also implies we are experiencing “ … a trampling … on the legislative and democratic processes …” What proof can Mr. Balentine provide to substantiate these claims? NONE! He voices that “ … devastation of our patterns of life, ruination of free enterprises and proliferation of irrational fears …” are directly the fault of Gov. Mills and the Democratic Party. Where are the facts to bolster these statements? THERE ARE NONE!

Mr. Balentine (or is it really Tucker Carlson writing his opinion pieces?), be on notice! The FCJ concerned writers are focused on bringing truth and facts to this discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic, not your Republican Party-fueled propaganda.

John M. Mishler