Voters on June 8 will decide whether to expand the mixed-use zone to include Dock Square and make a couple of other changes to the ordinance. Joel Page/Portland Press Herald Photo

KENNEBUNKPORT – Voters in June will decide whether to allow residential units as a conditional mixed use in the Dock Square zone and allow more than one principal building on a lot there and in other zones that already allow for mixed uses.

That means someone with a commercial building could have up to four apartments over a storefront in Dock Square and in other town locations where mixed uses are already sanctioned, provided all other performance standards in the zoning ordinances are met.

Provisions must be made for parking for the residential component, as outlined in the current mixed zoning ordinance.

The proposed change adds mixed use, like a residence over a storefront, in the Dock Square zone. Residences are currently allowed in the zone, but not in the same building as commercial enterprises, said Director of Planning and Development Werner Gilliam, though some buildings have grandfathered mixed use under old zoning ordinances.

“Today if I owned a building, I could not create a residence over a storefront,” in the Dock Square zone, Gilliam said.

The residences would be intended for principal use, not short-term rentals.

The proposed amendment would also allow more than one principal building per lot in all zones designated as mixed use. It also increases the number of residences from two to four.

“I think it’s a great idea and I am surprised it isn’t already done,” said selectmen board chair Allen Daggett, pointing out that the town is losing apartment buildings – he said he knows of two, that meant the loss of 16 units. “It’s pretty tough to lose something like that,” Daggett said.

“I think this is something we need,” said selectman Mike Weston.

Gilliam on Friday said the question will be on the June 8 referendum ballot.

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