The piece of land we call home is truly magical. We have watched life unfold here before our eyes. One day old fawns, learning how to run with their moms. Canadian geese bringing their babies to the pond to learn how to swim, in 24 hours they are off on their life’s adventure. It is truly inspiring to watch mother nature at her finest.

We feel our role in this is to be good stewards to the land and wildlife. To protect all that it has to offer without interference from man. But unfortunately, on the other side of the hill behind our house is where CMP’s substation for their corridor project will go.

Our hearts break thinking that this might impact all that we have come to enjoy. The night sky with the brightest stars you have ever seen. The spring peepers, the birds and their happy songs. Will this substation create light pollution? Will this substation hum, and how loud? And what about health effects?

This place makes our hearts full and the soul happy. CMP’s corridor will do nothing for Maine, except destroy the wildnerness we are known for, including special land right here in Greene. My husband and I will be voicing our opposition of this substation at the Greene Planning Board meeting on April 13 at 6:30 p.m. Please join me in letting the town know that you wish to attend as well. And I hope you will join us in voting “Yes” to reject the CMP corridor in November.

Kim Fischer

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