As of 2019, Maine Grains had purchased over $1,000,000 worth of locally-grown grains and according to an interview with, co-founder and president Amber Lambke said that last year, their online retail sales grew by 4,000% during the pandemic baking-boom.

Now, thanks to new machinery, they are ready to deliver on the demand. Check out to find great grains and plenty of other Maine-made goods.

A package of cornmeal made at Liberation Farms in Wales

Liberation Farms cornmeal

This cornmeal is made from corn grown at Liberation Farms, collectively owned and operated by over 200 Somali Bantu families. In addition to purchasing corn, Maine Grains contributes 5% of proceeds from this product’s sales back to the Somali Bantu Community Association in Lewiston. $12.95 for 2.4 lbs.

A bag of brown, marfax beans in a clear package labeled "crop rotation bean from maine grains."

Organic Marfax Beans

Maine Grains offers organic black beans and these organic, heirloom Marfax beans, which are grown in a crop rotation with grains, putting vital nitrogen back into the soil. Marfax beans have a rich flavor that is perfect for New England baked beans. $7.95 for 1 lb.

two large bread knives handmade of wood and steel

Fiddle Bow Bread Knife

Made by Sprig Woodwork in Solon, this extremely sharp bread knife makes even slices. No pressure is needed, the weight of the knife will do the work. Triple-coated with food-safe salad bowl finish and available in right or left handed models. $44.

A large and small package of maple sugar

Sawyer’s Maple Farm Maple Sugar

If you didn’t get your fix at Maine Maple Sunday last weekend, maple sugar is a delicious and natural sweetener that can be used as a direct substitute for sugar. $5.50 for 6 oz., $15 for 16 oz.

A small jar of hand scrub with a green labelKitchen and Garden Hand Scrub by Fabula Nebulae

Natural sugar and castile soap easily remove dirt and grease while butters and oils moisturize. Citrus and thyme provide a lingering, refreshing boost. $13 for a 4oz jar.

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