Re: “White House allows journalists inside Texas border tent packed with minors” (March 31, Page A3):

How many more pictures do we need to see of children, separated from their parents, in overcrowded pods serving as cells, before we say, “Enough is enough”? I urge President Biden: Let them in.

What harm can these small travelers cause this mighty, bountiful nation? All they are doing, all their families are doing, is trying to escape harm, or worse, in their own land. Let them in, Joe.

Don’t we pride ourselves as caring people, and our country as a place of refuge and redemption? Weren’t we all in some way, at some time, immigrants seeking what they are seeking: a chance to live free and safe? Let them in, Joe.

Where is our sense of justice? Where is our love for our fellow man, woman and child? What do we lose by helping those in need when we, and they, have everything to gain?

Please, let them in, Joe.

Arthur C. Benedict
Peaks Island

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