Folks do not seem to understand or are blinded by all the misinformation in the news about Maine electricity.

A view of ISO New England’s control room in Holyoke, Mass. The massive digital display is a real-time image of the region’s power grid. Courtesy of ISO New England

Maine’s generated power goes into the New England power grid, which is directed out of the control center located in Massachusetts. This is the same as the Hydro-Quebec lines that are currently proposed and will be used by all New England states as needed to keep a stable power supply for all states in the grid.

The more power into the grid, the more stable the power. It also may result in lower costs per kilowatt-hour.

If Maine were on its own (not in a power grid), everyone would experience brownouts statewide when we had a winter storm or hurricane and it would knock out one of the state’s generation plants.

Keith Albert

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