OWEN DRUMMEY, Senior—Hockey

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* Travis Roy Award finalist

* Captain

Drummey lit the lamp with regularity, became one of the finest scorers around and bowed out with a game for the ages.

Drummey started playing hockey at a very young age and was quickly drawn to the sport.

“I started playing hockey when I was two or three,” Drummey said. “My favorite thing about the sport is the team aspect and playing with my friends and meeting new people along the way.”

Drummey became a starter as a freshman and for four years posed nightmares for opposing defenses and goalies. He made the all-star team three times, became a captain as a junior and wound up the program’s second leading scorer (since the Yachtsmen made the move to Class A in 2003), behind only Robbie Armitage.

Drummey’s senior season was shortened and there was no postseason, but he still managed to produce 36 points in 11 games, including four different hat tricks and five games where he produced five points.

The cherry on the sundae came in the finale against two-time Class B champion Greely in the belated Dudley Cup, when Drummey scored all four of his team’s goals in Falmouth’s 4-1 victory.

Drummey has been named a finalist for the Travis Roy Award, given to the state’s finest senior player.

His excellence has been unquestionable. Owen Drummey, Falmouth’s Winter Male Athlete of the Year, was simply unstoppable on the ice and the image of him celebrating after scoring won’t soon be forgotten.

Coach Deron Barton comment: “Owen’s a special player who makes everybody better on the ice and in the locker room. He’s just a great kid and a great hockey player. Owen is a very talented two-way hockey player who is committed to getting better every day. A quiet, humble leader who leads by example and has been a great role model to younger players. His legacy at Falmouth will add another layer to the program’s deepening quality hockey tradition.”

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SLOANE GINEVAN, Sophomore-Basketball

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Ginevan excellence and enthusiasm made her team and teammates better during the course of a season of steady improvement and the best news for Falmouth is that she isn’t close to being done turning heads with her play.

Ginevan, who also plays field hockey and lacrosse, came naturally to basketball, as her father played in college. It didn’t take long for her to become enamored with the sport.

“I love basketball for so many different reasons, as it impacts a variety of aspects of my life” Ginevan said. “I can create everlasting connections with my teammates and friends, learn valuable leadership skills and life lessons, compete and challenge myself every day and get plenty of exercise and physical activity.”

Ginevan, who made an immediate mark on the Falmouth varsity team as a freshman, helping the Yachtsmen reach the regional semifinals for the first time in over a decade, was consistent and prolific once the COVID-19-delayed 2021 season began.

Ginevan wound up averaging a whopping 21.1 points per contest, scoring in double figures in every contest, while also averaging 3 steals per game, 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists while making 40 percent of her 3-point attempts and shooting 44 percent from the field and 68 percent from the free throw line.

Ginevan opened with 17 points and 16 points respectively in consecutive losses to Cheverus, then had 13 and 12 points respectively in losses to Portland. While the Yachtsmen lost those games to two of finest teams in the state, teams that are classified at a higher level, they gained confidence and finished the year by winning five of six. Ginevan scored 25 points in Falmouth’s first victory, over Deering, then tallied 20 more in a second win over the Rams. After a hard-fought loss to perennial powerhouse Greely, in which Ginevan scored 24 points, she had 34 points (as well as four assists and four steals) in a win over South Portland, 27 points (along with five assists and four steals) in a statement-making victory over Gorham and 23 points in a season-ending win over South Portland.

“I’m so pleased with myself and my entire team,” Ginevan said. “We were given a very rigorous schedule, playing mostly Class AA teams, but we didn’t use the challenge as an excuse. We worked incredibly hard during every practice and game, making sure to push each other to our limits. Our team has so much potential, so getting the opportunity to get in the gym on a daily basis was motivating and thrilling to me. The energy and drive I witnessed in each of our players was inspiring, leaving me very excited to see how we will compete next year, hopefully with a state tournament. Overall, I am so proud of my team and the outcome of our abbreviated season and I cannot wait to work with my teammates in the offseason to prepare for next year.”

Talk about a bright future. The Yachtsmen will be a serious contender the next couple of seasons with Sloane Ginevan, Falmouth’s Winter Female Athlete of the Year, leading the way to victory.

Coach Dawn Armandi’s comment: “There is no denying how important Sloane is to our program. She lights the fire on both ends of the floor. When she gets going, she’s tough to stop but it also helps us get others involved because teams are focused on her so opens things up for other players. She also defends the best player on the other teams or runs the top of our junk defenses. There is not much she can’t do. She’s competitive, hardworking, athletic and it’s been contagious for our team. Sloane had a great season and undoubtedly deserves this honor. We have some fun years ahead.”

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