Falmouth town councilors need to face facts:

• The CMP Route between Woodville Road and Woods Road is the least expensive alternative for the West Falmouth sewer line. The route was recommended in the West Falmouth Sewer Master Plan and WHA engineers confirmed it was least expensive.
• Falmouth wastewater employees don’t like working in the CMP sewer corridor from Falmouth Pump Station to Woodville Road. They are resisting a new sewer route through the Woodville to Woods Road CMP corridor. I remember the first meeting with town employees and their complaints about ticks in the recommended CMP route.
• Addition of a $359,000 road in the Woodville to Woods Road CMP route made it appear more expensive than the Woodlands route. When questioned about the road’s purpose, town employees had no response.
• Having a 6-inch force main transition to an 8-inch force main while not upgrading the Falmouth Pump Station serving the route is a very risky strategy. Potential clogging of the 8-inch force main is possible.
• Implementing an 8-inch force main from Woodville Road to Woods Road does not increase the capacity of the Falmouth Road Pump Station to handle increased West Falmouth wastewater.

The CMP corridor is the least expensive route because:

• Construction does not have to contend with car and school bus traffic.
• No underground utilities to avoid as compared to over 100 underground impediments in the Woodlands.
• Ledge issues will be similar along either route. Homeowners have told me of ledge problems encountered during initial Woodlands’ development.

Finally, the most important facts. The town does not have the legal right to construct the West Falmouth sewer line through the Woodlands private community. The community owns and maintains its own roads and infrastructure using homeowner dues. Also, going through the Woodlands risks damaging the current sewer system!

James L. Solley