Why should Mainers trust that Central Maine Power can build and maintain their multibillion-dollar corridor without messing up again? We shouldn’t.

Let me count the ways that Spanish-owned CMP has continued its hot streak of incompetence and shame as a company.

• Fraudulent billing: CMP caught hot water for their mismanagement-at-best and fraudulent-at-worst billing, earning them a $10 million fine just last year (the single largest financial penalty for a utility in Maine ever).

• Worst customer satisfaction in the nation: CMP’s 2019 last-place national ranking in the J.D. Power business customer satisfaction survey was hard-earned. They regularly rank behind the power utility that set California on fire and went bankrupt. Well done, CMP.

• Most frequent and prolonged power outages: We enjoy the distinction of having the most frequent and among the most prolonged outages in the nation. Since CMP clearly has trouble maintaining the lines that we already have, why would we give them the second-largest infrastructure project in state history and expect that to go smoothly?

• Under investigation (again): CMP is once again under investigation for gross mismanagement – this time, for the solar connectivity debacle it blamed on “midlevel engineers.”

• Continuous rate-hike requests: In spite of their atrocious service and never-ending campaign spending, CMP is requesting a 10 percent rate hike because the wind blew a few times last year.

With CMP’s shameless hot streak of incompetence and shady practices, Mainers can’t trust them to create the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor responsibly. Vote “yes” this November to reject the CMP corridor.

Vince Mecca

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