I was curious about the April 28 public protest by Maine lobstermen against all offshore wind power development.

Surely these people know, better than most, that the greatest danger to their industry is the warming of the Gulf of Maine because of our climate emergency. They can’t be unaware of the collapse of their industry in southern New England, nor that the areas of largest catch of Maine lobsters migrates north in search of the cold waters needed to thrive.

I was further surprised by their logo, with its motto “Crush Mills.” Why a personalized political attack if their issue is economic and environmental?

It became much clearer once I read that among the speakers was the director of the misnamed Maine People Before Politics, speaking on behalf of Paul LePage. As governor he did everything possible to thwart wind power in Maine, chasing Statoil away to make their multimillion-dollar investments in Scotland instead. He was a loud and proud member of the “do nothing, oppose everything” caucus.

It appears the lobstermen have been used as an excuse for LePage (self-proclaimed Trump before Trump) to rally his loud and angry base in preparation for an election run next year.

Ann Morrill
South Portland

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