My sister and I are five years apart in age. We were both adopted and are not biologically related at all. She always knew she had siblings and in her 40s she tracked them down. I went with her when she met her two 100 percent biological sisters for the first time. She arranged to meet with them and asked if I would go with her. Well, yes! Try to keep me away!

What makes a sister is the shared memories. fizkes/

I cannot describe how amazing this is. Talk about nature vs. nurture. Not only do they look alike, their mannerisms, voices and their laughs – so similar. Such a fun and amazing evening with them. She has, of course, now bonded and connected with them and spends quite a bit of time with them and her nieces and nephews.

People have asked me if I feel sorry or jealous that she has found true biological relatives where I haven’t. The answer is “No, I don’t, because I have the memories.”

“Remember that time when Daddy …?” “What was the name of that friend of Mom’s?”  “Do you have Grammy’s recipe for …?”  The vacation that didn’t go so well. The ones that did. The trip to Florida as adults with our “real” parents where we totally reverted to teenagers and fought over the backseat all the way home. Nanna and Grammy, who baby-sat and drove us crazy and vice versa.

So, no, there are no regrets, only happiness for her.

Because I have the memories.

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