SCARBOROUGH — Members of the ad-hoc Scarborough Downtown Committee said they envision a center spot for The Downs downtown area that engages locals in a variety of activities and events.

The committee, formed with the purpose of working with town staff and The Downs developers on advising the Town Council on elements and costs of the Downtown District, discussed what the possible future of the location could be during its April 27 meeting.

Ideas included amenities like a dog park or an ice rink as well as seasonal events like farmers’ markets or small-scale festivals.

Jonathan Anderson, a town councilor and committee member, said he would be interested in seeing a dog park, an indoor amusement center for children or a center stage that could serve as an outdoor movie theater, too.

“Knowing that the human-animal bond is so powerful and so many people nowadays have pets and dogs, and I imagine a lot of the residents who are going to be living in The Downs are going to want green space to bring their pets to walk, and I personally would love to be able to take my dog to a field and throw the ball and not necessarily have to go to a trail,” he said. “I’d love to see something like a dog park, very specific, but not only would that serve the residents who live in the community, there’s a big dog group in Scarborough that many of you might know, so I know there are a lot of dog lovers in Scarborough.”

Member Basha Mohammed said that an attractive idea for him would be a festival of some sort that could take place in the Downtown District each year, with activities for both children and adults.

The idea of an event like a farmers’ market or a festival would be attractive to potential business owners looking to lease space in The Downs, said member Thomas Madden.

“I think, not festivals to the degree of the we’re thinking of like the Old Port Festival, but programing in general and having a green space where we can offer a farmer’s market, that congregation point that brings a community together, I think there’s a lot of value there from a commercial perspective as well,” he said.

Kimberly Rand, committee member, liked the idea of a weekly flea market, which used to take place in Scarborough Downs.

Members discussed how The Downs town center could accommodate Scarborough residents who did not want to drive to Portland, and member Sarah Leighton, said she believed the town should strive for a balance.

“An alternative to Portland was what I have been envisioning, but there’s a limit, right?” she said. “We want to attract people but we don’t want it to become this overwhelming tourist attraction then anyone local is like, ‘I don’t actually want to go there ‘cause it’s crazy and there’s nowhere to park.’ There’s obviously a balance. I don’t know what that balance is.”

The committee seemed to picture a concept of a central space, said Chair Travis Kennedy. Although the specifics were different, the idea of a center point, like a green space where residents could congregate, was present in everyone’s discussion points.

“We have the space to do this and it’s rare and we have a lot of interest,” he said.

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