Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn used the word “disgusting” to describe features of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. The plan would offer two years of free community college to those who want it, provide financial child care assistance for working parents who need it, increase child tax credits for all working parents, lower health insurance premiums and relieve the COVID-unemployed of their federal unemployment tax burden up to $10,200.

What could support families more than this kind of assistance?

These programs would be funded, in large part, by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporate America. Did you know that over 50 large corporations – like Nike, Amazon and Chevron – paid zero federal income tax in recent years? Some 26 corporations joined that lucky club in 2017, thanks to Trump’s tax cuts. Biden wants to fix that.

Most Republican politicians don’t seem to understand what the average American household is dealing with in these times of obscene income disparity, suppressed wages and underemployment (jobs under the 40-hour mark, so that benefits can be avoided). Maybe they do understand and just don’t care.

I find that “disgusting.”

Lorry Fleming