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BIDDEFORD — Sometimes, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. That is what happened among Biddeford High School seniors when they returned to classes four days a week, instead of two days a week in person and the rest remote, earlier this year, said senior Emily Poisson, who will be graduating with her classmates on Friday, June 4.

“I’m not the most social person, but not having everyone around felt strange,” Poisson said of those pandemic hybrid schedule days. “In a way when we did go back, it pushed everyone to get together. I hung out a lot with my friends.”

Poisson and some friends made a recent trip to Boston — visiting the aquarium, Quincy Market and other attractions — something she said wouldn’t have happened if students were still on a hybrid schedule.

Poisson, 18, will be headed to Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston in the fall, to study biomedical engineering — learning to design medical projects and equipment. She’s been taking engineering classes at the Center of Technology and pondering what was next in her life, and she liked what she was doing so much she decided to further her engineering education.

“It seems awesome, and one of Wentworth Institute’s top programs is biomedical engineering,” said Poisson. “At one point I wanted to be an optometrist, (this allows) me to be in health care and engineering at the same time.” And, she pointed out, in her biomedical engineering classes, she’ll also learn about electrical engineering, so that might also be a possibility — or, the education she receives, she said, could also put her on a path to becoming a physics teacher, for example, if she later decides that’s what she wants.

Had it not been for the pandemic, Poisson would have been involved in indoor percussion and marching band. And while track and field — one of her other pastimes, is likely going on now, she said, Poisson got a spring job instead and is eyeing an internship with a structural engineering firm.

She is among 160 graduating seniors.

Graduation, as it is most years, will be at 4 p.m. Friday June 4 at Waterhouse field, a return to tradition after the pandemic meant virtual graduation ceremonies in 2020. Valedictorian is Nicholas Hill, salutatorian is Colin Tippett and Biddeford High School alumnus, coach and teacher Brian Curit was named by the senior class as their choice as guest speaker.

Poisson, like her classmates, is looking ahead to the future, with a fond look back at what will soon be a memory.

“I’ll miss seeing my teacher’s and friends on a regular basis,” said Poisson. “My teachers were always there for me,” she said.

And graduation is feeling pretty good.

“It feels like I was a freshman last week, it’s surreal, but I’m happy to be moving on.” Poisson concluded.

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