The offices of Allied Real Estate in Windham have an easy-going, homey atmosphere. Just beyond the business district on Route 302 at 909 Roosevelt, Trail, this brokerage sits almost literally on the doorstep of the Lakes Region as the road continues running northwest between Sebago Lake and Little Sebago, past Panther Pond, Long Lake and out toward the White Mountains.

Photo taken close to the surface of the luscious water of Sebago Lake, looking west toward the mountains on a sunny day.

Allied Real Estate is the endorsed broker for Point Sebago, a three-and-four season community in Casco. Shutterstock

Established in 1991, Allied Real Estate is currently home to eleven agents, all of which combined have almost 300 years of experience spanning three decades in the southern Maine market. Comprehensive services and connected backgrounds have kept Allied Real Estate, and their clients steadfast transacting residential, commercial, investment, waterfront, and land sales, while weathering one of the wildest times in Maine real estate history.

Homeowners and buyers might be making a once-in-a-lifetime transaction in what feels like a pressure cooker, but “everybody at the agency has been through a few cycles of competition like this,” said Tonda Townsend, Broker.

What’s also clear from an in-person visit to Allied Real Estate is that the Brokers care about where they live and work and project a calm confidence that only comes with such collective professionalism. They can also add a touch of levity to what can be a stressful undertaking.

Allied Real Estate’s sign on Roosevelt Trail/Route 302 reminds homeowners of the premium price they could sell for this summer. Photo by Alan Connell.

“A good transaction leaves the buyer happy, the seller happy and us happy,” said Broker Suzanne Roberge. “Our end goal always is to bring buyers and sellers together where they leave happy and satisfied.”

Making a personal connection, calling the numbers on roadside “For Sale By Owner” signs, knocking on the door of a client’s dream home to maybe just see if they have any plans to sell, those are Allied agents’ favorite activities year-round. And while they love the Lakes Region, the agents have a presence in all southern Maine including Lewiston-Auburn and up to Augusta.

“It’s hard to find a place in Portland and South Portland, so people are looking outward,” said Roberge. “When buyers expand their search to say, Bridgton, Limerick, Cornish Raymond…”

“Parsonsfield, Harrison, Oxford,” added Townsend. “We could go on, but there’s afford-ability here and it comes with the lifestyle and space that people need and want now.”

“So come on out!” Roberge pitched with a laugh. “We’ll set you up.”

Visit Allied Real Estate in person at 909 Roosevelt Trail Rd. in Windham, or online at