With reference to John Balentine’s assertions regarding the current lack of job seekers (“Here’s Something: Panic’s over, get back to work,” May 21), I agree these grandiose government handouts have exacerbated today’s tight labor market, but the root of the problem goes much deeper.

We know well that before the pandemic those “help wanted” signs were everywhere. For the last several years, deaths have exceeded births in our country. We are on a collision course.

The millennial generation, whose ages today would be between 25 and 42, has been severely diminished by abortion. By Centers for Disease Control estimates for the years 1981-1996, 24,514,350 lives alone. This is the generation that should now be the backbone of our labor force. Abortion has severely gutted that generation as well as those before and after.

How do we correct this labor conundrum? We need to incentivize labor by providing living wages, employee appreciation, performance bonuses and immigrant integration. As a nation, we need to stop meddling with human nature. We need to end the moral abyss created by Roe v. Wade.

We need to protect the sanctity of human life. As a nation we need to do this not only to grow our economy but, more importantly, to protect the lives of the most vulnerable.

Bob Quinn
Old Orchard Beach