Does anybody else question why we are rewarding people with a beer for getting vaccinated? I have been tossing this question around for a few days. Why are we offering people an opportunity to “toss one back” for finally doing what is right for all of us? Why do people need to be rewarded for being responsible? What exactly are we promoting by offering beer to vaccinated individuals?

Our country, and the world, have been in a state of confusion for too long. The pandemic has been challenged by our brave health care workers and first responders. Whatever happened to civic duty and personal responsibility without being encouraged by tangible rewards?

I don’t understand why Americans are being rewarded with beer or a chance at a $1 million lottery. I was happy with the sticker I received – I actually took two, one to proudly wear – the other put in a memory box, so that future generations could marvel at the icons like I do at buttons stating “I Like Ike” that I’ve found in the back of forgotten drawers.

Why not donate money to the local food banks, shelters or an organization that helps many? What type of message are we sending our young adults? Our children?

Marite Kruze

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