Re: The recent personal attack on Portland City Manager Jon Jennings by newly elected Charter Commissioner Nasreen Sheikh-Yousef (June 10):

Is there an argument to be made that our American culture, institutions and politics are inherently racist and based, since our national origins, on white supremacist policies? Sure, I’ll listen to and consider that argument, as I see merit in it.

Does that justify a childish, hateful, ignorant and personal attack on Jon Jennings, merely because he holds an office that is part of those American institutions? Absolutely not.

I am a progressive Portland voter, but I ranked the progressive Charter Commission candidates low on my ballot. I support some of their proposals for changing city government, but I do not support the partisanship and divisiveness that they bring to city politics.

We need to change some aspects of city government, but we need to do so in a collaborative process that respects the point of view that others may hold.

Ms. Sheikh-Yousef owes Mr. Jennings, and the citizens of Portland, an apology.

Bob McKillop

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