Right between the Rangeley Lake basin and the Bigelow Mountain Preserve, is a place to get away from everything all year round, a home where generations can watch the leaves change, hear the loons cry and relax in nature. In the past the property has operated as a bed and breakfast and could easily return to business as a corporate retreat or events center.

These six acres overlook the majestic lake, where Bald Mountain rises at the far west shore. The land here is so pristine that one of Poland Spring’s bottling sources is in Dallas Plantation. And the property is a safe haven that could become completely self-sufficient, with plenty of land for new gardens and solar panels.

Inside, there is over 5,770 square feet to come together or find privacy. Many bedrooms are ensuite. Upstairs and down, little nooks and corners provide quiet spots to read or converse. The basement level is fully finished and has a separate entrance.

This part of Maine is ideal for four seasons of recreation. On an average day, residents can find time for activities like skiing, boating, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking and more. Buyers looking to “get away from it all” will want to look closer and possibly never leave.

0 County Rd. is listed by Tom and Julia Ranello, who say, “We love where we live.” Call them at 207-838-1651 or email [email protected].