“I recently finished rereading ‘The Dirty Life,’ a memoir of an aspiring New York City journalist transplanted to the country to start a 500-acre farm from scratch. Author Kristin Kimball mixes the realism of building a farm and business with enough romanticism to leave me wanting to get my hands in the dirt. The sequel, ‘Good Husbandry,’ which details the ongoing challenges and victories of living and raising a family on a farm, is just as good. As a sustainable agriculture major, these books provided a great deal of perspective and inspiration.” – LILA GAUDRAULT, Cape Elizabeth

Mainers, please email to tell us about the book on your bedside table right now. In a few sentences, describe the book and be sure to tell us what drew you to it as the pandemic and its ripple effects recede in Maine. Was it a need to escape, a need to dig deeper? Something else? Send your pick to [email protected], and we may use it as a future Bedside Table.

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