We have been eating lettuce from our garden for a couple of months. I planted that crop in a cold frame in March, and while it is a type of leaf lettuce that regrows after being cut, the plants wear out after a while.

That means it is time for a second planting. Not just for lettuce, either. You can do the same for beets, carrots, beans and other crops that are more tender and tasty when picked young.

This process is called succession planting, which allows home gardeners to harvest vegetables throughout the growing season, not just when the first crop becomes ripe. Professional farmers do the same thing.

The second planting requires only minor adjustments. The temperatures will be warmer and the soil probably drier than it was during the first planting April. I recommended watering the spring crop, but this second crop in late spring or early summer will need even more watering, at least every other day if it doesn’t rain. Add a little fertilizer and be sure to weed regularly.

You should have good eating until the frost comes.

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