The state of Maine in suffering from lottery mania. This $1 million vaccination lottery is money misspent. The same $1 million could be split into 100 x $10,000 or, even better, 200 x $5,000.

I have seen a few customers who received money. A few months after purchasing a few guitars and other items, plus a few rounds for everyone at the bar, they came back pawning and selling what was left.

Isn’t it harder for 100 or 200 people to waste a small fortune and much easier to help put a substantial amount of money to more productive and thoughtful use – with less chance to squander what most people consider a small fortune?

I have only purchased four lottery tickets – each one was worth $1,000, but I paid $750 to $800 in cash. I never liked any lottery, but if I win I might change my mind.

Mike Fink

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