CHATHAM, Mass.  — Rower Guirec Soudée has a 3,000 mile journey through the Atlantic Ocean before he hits home again.

The French rower has set off on a three-month journey from Cape Cod to his hometown and small island of Yvinec in Brittany, France, reported the Cape Cod Times.

Before he rowed off to catch the winds on Tuesday afternoon, Soudée smiled, waved and took photos.

Soudée has been sailing the world since his early 20s. In 2013, he became the youngest person to sail to Alaska with a four month stopover in Greenland, the newspaper said.

The travel ahead of Soudée is more challenging than his previous voyages because of currents and storms in the Atlantic.

In December, he rowed from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean in 74 days but he capsized twice. He plans to reach Yvinec in 80 days in his vessel named Romane, the newspaper said.

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