Here in Maine and other states we pay taxes to the city or town in which we live. Tax dollars are used to pay for certain services. One service is law enforcement, whether it be on a local, county or state level.

I have relatives who live in a town in Androscoggin County that I visit frequently. They have young children and live within 100 feet of a four-way stop intersection. The road on which they live and the intersection have become a racetrack, a drag strip and a place for irresponsible drivers to spin brodies in the middle of that intersection.

My relatives have complained numerous times to the Androscoggin County law enforcement and the State Police to help stop these dangerous activities, which I have personally witnessed. Androscoggin County law enforcement says they are “too busy,” and the State Police will do nothing.

It would be a sad day if one or more of these children or someone else becomes seriously injured or even killed because law enforcement will not respond to an ongoing dangerous situation. Maybe a few Androscoggin County law enforcement personnel will read this and get something done.

Lindley Deering

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