Regarding the June 26 letter from a five-day visitor to Maine from Virginia, who apparently did not see enough American flags to instill confidence in Maine’s patriotism and commitment to protecting our freedoms:

Perhaps he was looking in the wrong direction.

I recently witnessed the patriotism and respect paid to our veterans firsthand. My 14-year-old grandson recently invited me to join him in honoring a veteran being interred at the Southern Maine Veterans Cemetery in Springvale. The city of Sanford had invited its citizens to attend, as this veteran had apparently outlived his family and most of his friends.

When we arrived (a little early), there were a few members of local veterans groups, who helped organize the service. To our surprise, we were quickly joined by over 60 local citizens who wanted to pay their respects and gratitude for this man’s service to our country. The New Hampshire chapter of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle club also arrived to honor the veteran. Each of us held an American flag (proudly) as the veteran was honored with full military and religious recognition.

I had an opportunity to ask several people why they were there. Each one said that even though they did not know the deceased, they thought it only appropriate to pay their respects.

So I hope our friend from Virginia will come back to Maine. He can take a good look around and visit some of our historic sites and veterans homes. He will find that our blood is as red as his.

Ken MacLean

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